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We make our industrial style furniture to order, with our busy schedule we expect to get this to you between and . If you need this sooner please call us on 0115 824 8454 or contact us and a member of the team will be in touch.

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Chen - Premium French Oak Industrial Dining Table

Welcome to the crossroads where superior artistry converges with industrial design - presenting Chen. Originating from the skilled hands of Industrial Evolution, a renowned British creator of high-end furniture, this dining table melds robust elegance and meticulous design, embodying a uniquely British ethos.

French Oak: The Elite of Timber

The centrepiece of Chen is a 50mm thick tabletop, expertly sculpted from the finest French Oak. Echoing the refinement of an aged Bordeaux wine, this variety of oak matures under calculated supervision, naturally enhancing its toughness and magnifying its allure.

The Mastery That Makes Chen Unique

Opting for a tabletop made from French Oak is an acknowledgment of your taste for a material nurtured with precision from the onset. This exacting attention to detail results in a superior breed of oak that unequivocally surpasses others. Each of our French Oak tables are made from a single tree, ensuring a cohesive grain pattern and unified colour tones that flow seamlessly across the table. This defining feature infuses every Chen with the distinct Industrial Evolution signature, a characteristic nearly impossible to replicate.

The Formidable Foundation: Stainless Steel Legs

Complementing the remarkable French Oak top, Chen features a base formed from stainless steel square-framed legs. This industrial-style design brings a modern edge to the table while maintaining unparalleled strength and stability. The durability of these legs matches the resilience of the French Oak, creating a perfect harmony of toughness and elegance.

Embrace the Pinnacle of Style and Durability

By choosing Chen with its French Oak tabletop and robust stainless steel legs, you are selecting the epitome of style and endurance for your home.

Specifications: 50mm Thick | Seamless | Stainless Steel Legs

Why is French Oak Unparalleled?

The cultivation and processing of French Oak adhere to stringent standards, ensuring consistently superior timber. This meticulous process comprises several distinct stages that guarantee the top-tier quality of the material.

Industrial Evolution's Assurance of Quality

Through long-standing associations with trusted French Oak suppliers, we have solidified our confidence in the quality of their products. Our hands-on experience and robust relationships allow us to predict the performance of the oak accurately and foresee its lifespan.

Industrial Evolution Commitment & Guarantee

Chen comes with our comprehensive guarantee and a dedicated aftercare service, ensuring your piece maintains its prime condition and provides service for a lifetime.

Resilient French Oak Rubio Monocoat Finish

Each French Oak tabletop, including Chen, comes with our Rubio Monocoat finish as standard. It provides remarkable stain resistance and can be effortlessly maintained with a lightly damp cloth.

Choosing Chen means not merely buying a table; it means investing in a timeless piece of design excellence for your home. It stands as a testament to refined living, redefining the dining experience with an unmatched Oak finish and industrial design.

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