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Live Edge Dining Tables

Live Edge Dining Table

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If you are looking for a beautiful, unique and striking live edge dining table, then look no further. Industrial Evolution are specialists at creating and building a natural and authentic centrepiece for your home. We are proud of each and every live edge table that we have created for our customers and look forward to crafting one for you.

Every one of our live edge tables is individually made to order so you will get the exact size and style that you have been looking for. We are passionate about each and every unique curve of the wood from the trees we use to craft each table and utilise as much of the tree as is possible.

You will have noticed that Live edge dining tables are gaining in popularity now. Interior designers are incorporating them into many homes, celebrities are ordering them and they are extremely eco friendly so should not be dismissed. 

Their unusual and unique look makes them stand out in a room and will become your main feature point. Thanks to their authentic look, live edge dining tables can look perfect in any environment from modern apartments to quirky homes to cosy forest cabins. They are also becoming increasingly popular in the workplace as having something that is natural within the office can be associated with feeling peaceful and relaxed.

They can also be called natural edge slabs as the style means the furniture is designed exactly how the wood would look in the natural world.

What Is A Live Edge Table?

Live Edge Table

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A “live edge” table retains the wood's natural edges on at least one side of the table's slab which frequently includes its bark. Instead of smoothing down the edges to produce sharp and clean lines that are often seen in the other industrial style furniture that we make, live edge tables retain the trees natural beauty. 

The tree trunk's width will determine the width of the slabs used to make the table. We have come across some truly amazing live edge slabs over the years and there are so many different styles of tables that can be achieved.

The tree trunk's middle section will provide the table's widest boards with the outer edges of the table being created from parts smaller in width. The most common thickness of table top live edge slabs is 2 inches. 

Our industrial style furniture which is classed as Live edge are more expensive than the regular wooden furniture because of their uniqueness and time needed to create and make exactly what you desire. They are not something that can be made in bulk as each slab is cut the same length as the log. 

There are two main types of live edge tables. The most common is tables that look like they are one solid piece of wood. They are actually made from multiple slabs of wooden boards strategically chosen and put together to achieve the desired size and style required. 

The live edge that you will see on your table is the outside curve of the tree trunk. The loose bark and soft sapwood are carefully removed by hand removing rough edges and leave a smooth yet natural waney edge making each table unique, stylish and irresistible to touch. Our many years of experience have resulted in us being highly skilled at creating balance and symmetry on our table tops by aligning the grain patterns to make them look like they are one solid piece of wood. This is a compliment to our hard working team and our workmanship! 

How We Get The Best Looking Natural Live Edge For Our Tables

Natural Live Edge Tables

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Using high quality trees for our live edge tables is very important for a few reasons;

Firstly, these make better looking and more practical live edge tables. 

These types of trees are grown in sustainably managed forests where the trees are  well maintained and pruned to remove the scraggly lower branches. This results in taller, straighter growing trees which make the best looking and most usable wood for live-edge tables. This type of wood doesn't have much width variation and the natural curve of the edge becomes subtle and stylish.

We select our timber very carefully and only use slowly and properly seasoned timbers. We want to avoid the risk of settling movement, which can happen within the 1st 12 months of it being in your home. Our specially engineered free-moving joints connects the table top to the legs in a way that allows the table to breath as it acclimatises to your home. We want to do everything to  ensure that your table will stay strong, solid and useable for a very long time,

Cheap timber is full of knots and is uneven in density. This means when it dries out it can be prone to twisting and warping which causes it to move. Our higher grade of timber is more uniform in density and can be properly kiln dried without falling apart. This results in more stable furniture with less issues. Our wood has beautiful natural grain patterns and is also very consistent in density, so is perfect for making high quality live edge tables.

When the slabs are cut for the non-live edge products, over 20% of the wood is wasted whereas the manufacturing of live-edge furniture wastes no more than 8% and is therefore more ecologically friendly which is a great advantage.

First we select a live edge slab that has two natural edges that are relatively straight. This piece is ripped in half to provide the two outer edges of the table. We then select complimentary boards of wood that compliment the live edge slabs to use in the middle section at your required width. 

Once this has been done, the building process begins with milling, laminating, flattening, sanding and finishing the wood. An entire section of a tree trunk that is sliced into slabs is called a flitch. A flitch is very desirable for woodworkers who like to align the two slabs and when placed beside each other, can create a mirror effect.

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